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How to Request an Authorisation?

Medical authorisation health insurance Spain

Does my test require authorisation?

Specialist consultations do not require authorisation from insurance company, however, there are some medical services when an authorisation is required. Some treatments, complex diagnostic tests, implants, transfers via ambulance and hospital admissions will require authorisation from all insurance companies.

How does the authorisation process work?

If there is a service that you believe you need and it requires authorisation, generally you cannot apply for it by yourself, you will need an assignment from the specialist. Best hospitals and clinics will ask for the authorisation on your behalf when the doctor will have determined that you need one. When the hospital will have arranged it, they will inform you by phone. In other cases, your doctor will provide you with the referral document (boletin) and you will have to use it to ask the authorisation yourself. Typically, authorizations are granted in 24/48-hour period.

How can I arrange the authorisation?

All insurers have a phone number where to call to arrange it and it is on the back of your insurance card. However, most insurers have additional means of getting it done.

Authorisation DKV

WhatsApp Customer Service number +3460160602. Available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. You will be required your full name and National ID number or NIE and tell what procedures you wish to carry out.

– By email:

– Visiting a DKV branch in person. Anyone can request authorisation on your behalf, they just need your card and the referral document for the medical procedure. You can find the closest DKV branch using your postal code.

– By calling: 976 506 000


Authorisation Asefa

Online Form. You will have to provide your card number, email, phone and address as well as upload your referral document.

– In one of the Asefa offices: Locations

– By email:


Authorisation Adeslas

By email: Please send Adeslas health card number, the name of the person insured, ID number (or NIE) and attach the referral document from specialist.

By calling: 900 50 50 40


Authorisation Salus

– By email: Please send the Salus health card number, patient name, ID (or NIE), and the referral document from the doctor.

Online Form: (in Spanish)

– By calling: 900 11 11 40

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