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Is your Health Insurance accepted by all Consulates / Embassies for Visa applicants?


We offer the best health insurance options currently available for international citizens applying for a Visa to stay in Spain. Spanish Consulates worldwide are familiar with these policies and widely recommend them for their many benefits, including:
• Unlimited coverage with no caps based on the price of treatments
• No deductibles, exclusions for pre-existing health conditions, waiting periods, or co-pays, which means zero out-of-pocket payments.
• Repatriation to the country of origin in case of death, serious accident, or serious illness if selected.
• The largest network of hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals across the entire Spanish territory, providing the freedom to choose the specialist and health facility that is most convenient at any time
• A 24-hour medical hotline staffed by doctors who can communicate in English, one of our most valued services when you most need support whether you are inside Spain or traveling abroad.
Rest assured that Health policies we offer are widely recognized and recommended by Spanish Consulates worldwide for its comprehensive coverage, affordability, and exceptional services.

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